Monday, August 23, 2010

Liar, liar ...

Fool us once, same on you. Fool us over and over and over, and, well, only dolts continue to be fooled again and again. Apparently the university considers the Dane County Board of Supervisors to be a bunch of complete dolts given the times they have lied to them ... think Vilas Monkeys and the mega-giant "100% safe" BSL-4 lab they tried to force down the throats of the citizens of the Town of Dunn.

You may remember that I pointed out the false claims about transparency and openness made by Martin Cadwallader and others at the July 8 Dane County Executive Committee hearing regarding Resolution 35. (See Vested Interests, Double-Talk, Ethical Blindness, July 22, 2010.)

There's a similar observation in this week's Isthmus:
UW changes tune on Primate Center tour invite
Bill Lueders on Thursday 08/19/2010

The statements seemed clear enough. At a Dane County committee hearing on July 8, Deb Hartley of the UW-Madison's National Primate Research Center proclaimed the facility open to all:

"It doesn't take a resolution or a citizen's act to get into the facility," Hartley assured the committee. "[A]nybody can come in...and we'll show you what we have." All that was required was to be 18 or older, get a TB test, and complete some paperwork.

A few minutes earlier, Martin Cadwallader, the UW's vice chancellor of research, said the university is "committed to offering tours of our primate center.... Our aim is to make our animal research program more transparent to interested citizens...." [keep reading.]

Imagine, UW-Madison making false and misleading public claims calculated to quell public concern over its treatment of animals ... who could have imagined?

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