Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The New Simian Census

The New Simian Census
(Including prosimians)

The numbers below represent a conservative snapshot of the number of nonhuman primates on hand for experimentation worldwide at any one time. The total number is growing due largely to the ever-increasing support of primate experimentation by the United States and a few other governments

If you have verifiable data on populations not included here, please email info(at)primatefreedom(dot)com.

These figures, unless noted, were web retrieved between August 23 and 26, 2007, from the Primate Info Net (PIN). PIN is supported by grants RR000167 and RR15311, National Primate Centers Program, National Center for Research Resources, the National Institutes of Health, an agency of the United States government. Additional support for PIN is provided by the International Primatological Society and the Primate Society of Great Britain.

The figures on PIN are the result of voluntary self-reporting. These figures are dynamic; the United States imports approximately 20,000 monkeys a year, primarily for terminal toxicity studies in contract laboratories.

Additional details such as the directors' names, the number of staff, and the type of experiments underway at the facilities named below can be found on the PIN site here, here, and here.

Snapshot of nonhuman primates available for experimentation by country

Argentina (90)
Australia (156)
Barbados (2,000)
Brazil (771)
Canada (300)
Chile (100)
China (12,058)
Czech Republic (193)
France (535)
Gabon (363)
Germany (1,970)
Italy (204)
India (853)
Indonesia (2,394)
Japan (2,407)
Kenya (570)
Mauritius (3000 - 7000)
Mexico (38)
The Netherlands (1,250)
Puerto Rico (1,900)
Russia (3,580)
Saudi Arabia (45)
Sweden (70)
Thailand (90)
United Kingdom (330)
United States (43,275)

Approximate World Total (78,542)

The New Simian Census

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