Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UW-Madison Aligns with Radical Anything-Goes Vivisection Cult.

UW-Madison Announces (then doesn't) Alignment with Radical Anything-Goes Vivisector Cult.

Alas, the big announcement was taken off the university's webpage. But not until it was cached by various webcrawlers.

The university unveiled a new position: "Dr. Allyson Bennett, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, was named faculty director of the Animal Program and will serve as its lead spokesperson." Whatever the "Animal Program" is. Maybe its televised...

Bennett's apparent first stab at being the official university spokes-vivisector was in the Sheep death at UW-Madison fuels new attack from animal rights group. PAT SCHNEIDER | The Capital Times | Oct 19, 2015.

Bennett is one of the leaders of the group Speaking of Research. Here they are in action, speaking for research:

I think it oddly nearsighted, that the Capital Times article quoted Michael Budkie and Bennett, and then apparently for some "balance" provided comments from UW associate professor Robert Streiffer, who is very much a part of the system. Streiffer did make waves over the Kalin maternal deprivation project, but that deviation from the party line was an anomaly. As a longtime member and chair of animal care and use oversight committees at the university he probably approved hundreds if not thousands of equally and even more hideous experiments on animals. It seems to me that the situational influences on him drastically reduce his ability and likelihood to act or think independently regarding this matter. But this is an aside.

The interesting thing to me is that the administration at UW-Madison has made it clear that they admire the folks seen in the video above.