Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An example of the free speech the universities want to ban

Since posting the Stop UC Berkeley Vivisection banner here, the site has been killed. Click on the broken image above and you go to http://www.freewebs.com/abuseFrozen.htm which informs us that "This page is frozen."

The title of this post should be:

An example of speech the universities have banned.


Sanjay said...

This is my frist comments An example of the free speech the universities want to ban.

Sanjay said...

He is very very impressing An example of the free speech the universities want to ban.

jenny said...

Thanks for posting this.

40,000 non-human animals are confined and tortured in the most frivolous experiments at UC Berkeley.

This is not an abstraction. These animals are tortured by individuals like Jack Gallant, who locks fluid-deprived macaque monkeys in restraint chairs and inserts electrodes into their brains. Yang Dan who bolts cats down in stereotaxic devices and inserts electrodes into their brains.

Contact information for many of the vivisectors is available on the site you linked to. Use your free speech before the UC wrenches it away from you.


jenny said...

Just got word that AB 2296 - the "California Animal Enterprise Protection Act" - has passed.

From an individual who was at the hearing:

"It passed unanimously. The hearing on this bill lasted almost 2 hours and the bill was narrowed down. ACLU, Newspaper Assn, HSUS, Born Free, IDA and individuals were there in opposition. UC is behind the bill and they had tons of folks from their various campuses there, as well as a detective from LA.

Ed Boks is pushing the city of LA to endorse the bill."

The language of the bill will be up on the web tomorrow. I am unsure what it says.

Anonymous said...

reharding AB2296, from the university of california website:

"The bottom line: This is not about free speech. This is about violence, which is unacceptable."

what a reassuring explanation they give us. dont go into the part of the bill that bans strictly animal rights activists from putting up PUBLIC information onto the web(such as addresses or phone numbers of anyone involved with an animal enterprise), remember theyre only trying to stop arsons and bombings. of course the postings need to incite "reasonable fear" and we can only imagine how corporations and the government are going to construe that to benefit themselves and protect profits.

RJ said...

There's a new site up in opposition to UC Berkeley vivisection at:

Also, I've been told that UCPD and Berkeley PD have contacted various Indymedia.org chapters threatening them and telling them to take down the UC Berkeley vivisectors contact information.