Friday, April 6, 2007

The Disturbing Case of Dr. Ei Terasawa

From Madison's Hidden Monkeys, a Primate Freedom Project:

The Disturbing Case of Dr. Ei Terasawa

Laboratory notebook notation of 1/7/99 (found by USDA) – "Sometime after midnight, the pump tubing slipped out of the aCSF. Therefore, tubing has been running dry and pumping air into the monkey until 6:40. Judging from the volume of aCSF in the tube, it happened shortly after midnight." Dr. Terasawa finds this entry to be unexplainable, since she does not experiment on animals overnight.” [aCSF = artificial cerebrospinal fluid. PFP]

Christine Parks DVM, Ph.D. and Amanda Crumbaugh
July 10, 2003
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