Monday, July 5, 2010

What's Bucky Afraid Of?

A few UW-Madison vivisectors spoke up on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, in opposition to the idea that citizens selected by the Dane County Board of Directors should look into the use of monkeys in Dane County.

An elderly man spoke to the committee and made an important point. He said something like: "Whenever an institution puts on a dog and pony show like we saw tonight urging us not to pay much attention to what they are doing, we can be sure that they think we would be alarmed it we learned the truth."

A dog and pony show.

My response? We ain't seen nothin' yet. In spite of Chancellor Biddy Martin's unprecedented efforts to assure the public and the non-vivisecting UW staff that all is under control and well managed (in spite of the NIH, USDA, and AAALAC saying otherwise), the UW's effort at the June 29 event paled in comparison to the university's efforts to convince the county not to look for a way to save the Vilas monkeys. In that dark affair, the conniving, the calculated lies, and the utter dismissal of ethics remain a low water mark in the university's history of animal experimentation propaganda.

The gentleman who spoke was squarely on target. Imagine public school teachers arguing that parents shouldn't be allowed to learn what goes on in their classrooms or to form an informed opinion about it.

Imagine nurses protesting the idea that a citizens panel should be allowed to look into local patient care practices, especially if there had been a long history of hospitals lying to the the public and deadly screw-ups.

The louder their protest, the more apparent it is that something is amiss.

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