Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dane County Supervisors: Greetings

It has come to my attention that David O'Connor has written to you and expressed his concern that I have "personally attacked" those with whom I disagree (him), on this blog.

To a degree that is true. Although, in the case of Dr. O'Connor, I have criticized his assetions rather than him personally.

He has made a number of claims recently which I believe are illogical and are often demonstrably erroneous. I hope you will peruse my arguments and the evidence:

Prophylaxis for occupational exposure to HIV. July 2, 2010.

O'Connor on HIV. July 8, 2010.

O'Connor's A-Mazing Claims. July 10, 2010.


Thanks in advance,

Rick Bogle

P.S. I hope you follow up on the university's invitation to tour selected parts of the primate center. If you do, I hope you will ask to see some specific things:

1. One of Ei Terasawa's microdialysis procedures, and the monkeys she uses.
2. The monkeys used for the longest time in Michele Basso's experiments.
3. Monkeys in SIV studies who are exhibiting the worse symptoms of SAIDS.
4. One of Paul Kaufman's procedures and the monkeys currently being used in his invasive glaucoma research.
5. Monkeys currently being used in Maria Emborg's Parkinson's research.
6. All the singly caged monkeys.

Thanks again.



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rosie said...

Thank you, again, for putting this together and for making all of our lives easier!
Good tips. I have tried may things but none has worked except when I wrote something controversial last year. I am even offering free gifts so come on down!

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