Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mengele Loved Children

I was working for IDA when Matt Rossell's photographs and videos were publicized. He had carefully documented the condition s inside the NIH Oregon primate center during the two years he worked there. Both Dr. Isis Johnson-Brown, the USDA official responsible for inspecting the Oregon facility, and Jane Goodall made public statements about the horrible conditions there.

These two images are captures from a video Matt made while an older male monkey was being electro-ejaculated.

Matt explained these images: "Jaws, monkey #14609, the 21-year-old rhesus macaque depicted here, is a long time veteran of this procedure and his penis has been shocked hundreds of times."

The reality of life within the NIH Oregon primate center (and other labs like it) make the news item below especially distateful and dishonest. It would be like reading a story from Nazi Germany about Josef Mengele holding a birthday party for one of the twins he was vivisecting. This is not so unlikely given the propaganda and lies being told at the time. In fact, his pockets were full of candy. He petted and played with the children before torturing them to advance medical science.

These labs love monkeys the way Mengele human loved children.

OHSU staff celebrates birthday of oldest monkey at Oregon Primate Research

Associated Press - July 2, 2007 4:05 PM ET

BEAVERTON, Ore. (AP) - Today, a Japanese Macaque and the oldest monkey at the Oregon National Primate Research Center is turning 34. That's 102 human years.

Staff at the primate center's Behavioral Sciences Unit is throwing a birthday party for Trapper, the troop of monkeys he lives with and their animal care staff.

The party will feature "kiddie pools" filled with sugar-free Jello for the monkeys to eat and play in and presents filled with foraging treats for Trapper and the other monkeys.

The party is from two to three pm at OHS-Us Oregon National Primate Research Center in Beaverton. It's about one block south of Walker Road.

Trapper's mother, Twiggy, was among 55 Japanese snow monkeys that arrived at the center in 1965.

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