Sunday, July 1, 2007

Adventures in Science and Ethics

Scienceblogs is a gateway to a number of blogs written my (mostly) people working in a science-related field. It's worth checking out.

One of the blogs, Adventures in Science and Ethics, is written by Janet D. Stemwedel, an assistant professor of philosophy at San Jose State University. She has a PhD in physical chemistry. She teaches a course on ethics for science majors.

She does a pretty good job when discussing basic issues like plagiarism or scientific misconduct. Her posts related to the use of animals and animal rights activism offer insights into ivory tower perceptions of activists and the issues involved.

She appears reluctant to address the animal issue head on. Her comments seem biased and confused. In any case, for those with an interest in the ethics education future vivisectors are receiving, Stemwedel's blog offers occasionally interesting insights.

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