Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump and Global Warming

Oh no! Our idiot president just pulled us out of the of the Paris agreement on climate change.

And just about every progressive media outlet is having a cow. And that's a problem. Just about every progressive media outlet is blaming Trump for the fearful and bleak future climate scientists see ahead of us.

But which major outlet is telling their readers, listeners, or viewers that the planet's future is in their hands? Beats me.

No one likes the plain simple fact that the serious, maybe civilization-ending, problems in the road ahead, recognized by all reasonable people, are of our own making, and could be mitigated by us; by you. In this case, the strong reaction to yet another of our president's poor decisions seems to be tied to an over-reliance on what the right calls the nanny state.

If you give a damn, you must be a lot like me.

You have one or no children.

You're vegan.

Maybe you weren't paying attention when you were having kids, fair enough, but if you aren't vegan right now, global warming and pretty much every other environmental problem we have is on you.

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