Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Opposition to Res 35

We were recently able to review the comments emailed to the Dane County Board of Supervisors regarding Resolution 35. For more on the resolution visit

Of particular interest is the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people who don’t want the county to establish a Citizens' Advisory Panel to look into the use of monkeys at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are either directly involved in animal experimentation at the university, or else, are involved in the industry in some other way.

Here is a complete list of the people and organizations that took the time to email the Dane County Board of Supervisors to voice their opposition to Resolution 35.

The two marked (undisclosed) failed to identify themselves as employees of the university.

Biddy Martin, Chancellor, UW-Madison
Christopher Coe, Director, Harlow Primate Lab, UW-Madison
Andrew-Parker, Applicant for UW-Madison Primate Center Directorship
Lawrence Jacobsen, Librarian (Retired), UW-Madison Primate Center
Ted Golos (1) (2), Scientist, UW-Madison Primate Center
Saverio “Buddy” Capuano (1) (2), Veterinarian and Scientist, UW-Madison Primate Center
Thomas Friedrich, Scientist, UW-Madison Primate Center
Cynthia G. Fowler, Affiliate Scientist, UW-Madison Primate Center
Brian Kenealy (1) (2), Research Assistant, UW-Madison Primate Center (undisclosed)
David Abbott, Scientist, UW-Madison Primate Center
Nancy Spilker, Colony Records, UW-Madison Primate Center
Gretta Borchardt, Senior Research Specialist in David Watkins’s primate lab, UW-Madison
Matt Reynolds, Assistant in David Watkins’s primate lab, UW-Madison
Holly McEntee, staff, Research Animal Resource Center, UW-Madison
Lynn Rusch, staff, Research Animal Resource Center, UW-Madison (undisclosed)
Mark Cook, Scientist, Department of Animal Sciences, UW-Madison
Richard Atkinson, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, UW-Madison
Marge Sutinen, Director, MATEC-WI, UW-Madison
William R. Morton, Paris NHP (current) and Director (retired), University of Washington Primate Center
BioForward, “the member-driven state association that is the voice of Wisconsin’s biotechnology industry” representing, among others, the largest importer and consumer of monkeys in the world: Covance
National Association for Biomedical Research, animal research industry front group
And two apparently local citizens.

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