Saturday, December 8, 2012

"A watershed moment for animals and animal issues."

Margo DeMello has recently published a new book. I just ordered a copy after reading a review in VegNews:
The recent publication of Animals and Society by Margo DeMello is a watershed moment for animals and animal issues. The book is the equivalent of the Beatles appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964: there is no going back. DeMello has produced a volume that should be required reading for all freshmen college students and will become the textbook of the nascent field of human-animal studies. Yes, Animals is a 400-plus page behemoth that leaves no issue untouched, one that elevates animals to a level of respect and relevance never before seen in academia. Yet Animals is also accessible, comprehensive, and easily referenced. In four sections and 20 chapters, plus ample references and an extensive bibliography, this is a book almost begging to be plagiarized. It's the textbook we all wish existed when we were in college. DeMello has earned her PhD.

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