Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uncomfortable coverage

Feds defend request to keep bird flu research details secret
DAVID WAHLBERG. Wisconsin State Journal. January 31, 2012.

I don't know whether this was actually written by Wahlberg (you can't tell any more because so many articles come from unnamed sources), but missing from it is mention of the widely published doubt by scientists without Kawaoka's and the university's financial interests in the continuance of the research, that information from the project would be of any benefit if a pandemic actually occurred.

The reluctance to publish any condemnation of UW-based research has been very apparent in the paper's very spotty coverage of this internationally discussed story.

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Anonymous said...

Wisconsin Public Radio has censored the Kawaoka controversy 100%. You can use their website's search engines for their "news stories" and "ideas network" sections to confirm this.

They have also censored all Fukushima news and discussion since April 12th of last year.

This is in contravention of UW Board of Regents censorship policies, but those are never enforced without the aid of outside legal action.

The Educational Communications Board is a separate legal entity that owns half of WPR's licenses. They have not been answering their phones or getting back to me about this.

Wisconsin Public Television is a shameful excuse for a news organization and hasn't been any better.

Is the University forcing this censorship? Is WPR self-censoring to please some unspoken commands? WPR staff have had quite inappropriate contacts with covert persons of at least two nations for perhaps as long as 30 years.

The Intelligence Identities Protection Act forbids me from going further.

I may be reached at: