Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NIH Primate Center Senior Staff Canned

Harvard University's New England National Primate Research Center's long-time director, Ronald C. Desrosiers, as well as an associate director, the attending veterinarian, and a clinical veterinarian have all been fired or forced to resign following the public disclosure of repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The culling is probably a result of the repeated complaints from SAEN, an antivivisection watchdog group headed by Michael Budkie.

Such sweeping house cleaning is unprecedented. The staff at the other NIH National Primate Research Centers must be losing sleep as they think about the coverups and animal care problems rife in their own facilities.

"We all operate in the same way."
-- Joseph Kemnitz, then acting-director of the National Institutes of Health-sponsored Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in a comment he made concerning the entire NIH Primate Research Center System on March 1998 in The Progressive.

A third monkey death reported at Harvard’s New England Primate Research Center
Carolyn Y. Johnson, Boston Globe

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