Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good-bye Biddy.

Chancellor Martin leaving UW-Madison for presidency at Amherst College

Chancellor Biddy Martin thanks donors and UW-Madison alumni John and Tashia Morgridge after the two delivered a shared address to graduates during a spring commencement ceremony at the Kohl Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on May 14, 2011. View more photos. Photo: Jeff Miller

June 14, 2011

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin, who built a reputation as a visionary thinker and defender of the university’s role as global public research institution, announced today (Tuesday, June 14) that she’s leaving the university to become president of Amherst College.
I wonder why she's really leaving.

Maybe the USDA/NIH joint investigation report is coming out and the university needs to be able to say that the poorly run system was a result of Biddy's meddling and mismanagement, and that the bad egg is gone, so there is no one left to blame.

Another free pass perhaps.


Jeremy Beckham said...

It's so frustrating that the rotten apples keep giving the other 5% a bad name!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you give UW-Madison too much credit. There is significantly less than 5% following the AWA, much less common decency. Good riddance, Biddy. As for the USDA/NIH investigation - Could be. My guess is this is unrelated. Most of the garbage USDA/NIH looked into predated Biddy. It's Sandgren, Mellon and Welter who need to update their resumes.