Thursday, June 19, 2008

The writing on the wall

Law Commission tips surge in animal rights push

Wednesday, 18/06/2008

The body that researches legal issues for the Federal Government says animal rights will be the next big social justice movement to hit Australia.

The Australian Law Reform Commission's latest journal focuses on the rights of animals and how to legislate for better treatment.

President Professor David Weisbrot says it's the Commission's job to comment on emerging social issues.

"Just a few years ago, not a single Australian university taught a dedicated course on animal law, and now I think it's something like a dozen or more and four or five in New Zealand," he says.

"So it's really come out of nowhere.

"I liken it to when I was at law school about 25 or so years ago, when there were very few environmental law courses, and now it's of course a staple."
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