Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Deafening Silence

For reasons that are probably tied more or less directly to money, Madisonians rarely read in the paper or hear a discussion on WPR anything about the animals hidden away and being hurt and killed in the UW-Madison and Covance labs.

This de facto censorship allows the vivisectors at both facilities to hurt and kill large numbers of animals without much worry about public discussion about the things they are doing.

It's an odd and schizophrenic phenomena. If someone shoots a dog, it gets reported (as it should); but if someone gets caught torturing cats or monkeys, not so much.

I'm all for a free press. Unfortunately, editors and owners are as biased as anyone else, and as a result, the news carried by the free press doesn't appear to be much less censored than the news that shows up in the less-than-free press in other nations. The censorship is just of a different kind.

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