Thursday, May 23, 2013

UW-Madison wants exemption from state open records law

First, they slipped in an exemption from the state's anticruelty laws for themselves; now they want to keep their cruelty even more secretive. Evil is as evil does.
UW-Madison wants to protect research by limiting open records law
By Jason Stein and Karen Herzog of the Journal Sentinel
May 23, 2013 1:44 p.m.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking to limit the state's open records law — potentially through language slipped into the state budget — to keep from the public information about research until it is published or patented.

No specific incidents of harmful disclosures were cited in language for a possible motion that is being passed among Republican lawmakers and was obtained by the Journal Sentinel.

University officials have been seeking to convince GOP lawmakers to advance the legislation either as a separate bill or by inserting it into the state budget when the UW System's part of the bill comes before the Legislature's budget committee Thursday.

In an interview Thursday, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) made clear he was at least open to the idea, though he didn't know all the details on it. He didn't say if the provision would be included in a larger and still unreleased motion on the UW System that is expected to be voted on by Joint Finance Committee members later in the day as it considers funding for public universities and colleges in the 2013-'15 state budget.

Vos said he saw a need to make changes to the open records law to ensure a researcher's work wouldn't have to be released publicly before the researcher was ready to publish it.

"In general, if it's a public institution things should be public, but I don't want to hurt (research)," Vos said.

And here’s UW’s memo:

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Anonymous said...

Let me understand this, By law I am allowed to know where and how my tax dollars are being spent. I have the right but there are those in office who say you have the right to know what your tax dollars are being spent for, except a few areas here and there. Wisconsin is becoming desperate after being exposed for cruel acts of research w/ no scientific merit. I foresee allot of lawsuits being filed should this exclusion keeping the public in the dark about how their tax dollars are spent. This means UW will spend millions on fighting potential lawsuits. This will bring even more media attention to what is really going on @ UW. If UW thought they had it hard fighting animal rights groups wait until they try to open this other door.

S. Earlene