Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Global Warming

blog: a portmanteau of the term web log; a personal journal published on the World Wide Web.

personal: concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality.

private: 1. confined to particular person; 2. concerning things deeply private and personal; 3. concerning one person exclusively.

So here ya go, all you lurkers who defend hurting and killing.... something personal, deeply private, as in the things I probably ought not to have uttered in public:

I was walking Mickey today -- one of his at least two daily walks. The weather is awesome... unseasonably warm. And I got to thinking about this passage from today's paper: "'This is to me the most unusual weather event I've witnessed in my lifetime,' Jonathan Martin, chairman of atmospheric and oceanic sciences at UW-Madison, said in an interview.

Before this month, Madison's weather history had recorded only five days in March where the temperature climbed past 80 degrees. In the last week alone, there have been three, he said.

'This is simply unprecedented,' Martin said. 'I think that the longevity of this particular warm streak, the time of year it comes at, and the record high temperatures that we've set, are simply remarkable.'

But forecasters say it's not over, with more record highs likely Tuesday through Thursday, before cooler weather moves in for the balance of the week."

And I couldn't help but feel good, happier than in a while; giddy in fact, at the realization that I'm getting to be alive at a time when we could very well get our comeuppance. It's hard to find anything other than marginal evidence (A huge thank you and shout-out to those of you in the margins!) that humans don't suck.

So, when you and I are dying of thirst, our parched skin cracking and oozing thickened blood, our eyes and eyesight long gone, you'll be freaking out, but I'll be smiling inside, knowing that hope for the Earth's other beings -- most yet unknown -- is reborn. I'll be humming Hallelujah with my bone-dry, cracked, bleeding vocal cords.

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Anonymous said...

Your sharing of personal sentiments is welcome, as it provides a window into your sick, perverted mind.

Here, you clarify how the claim that your movement is based on compassion for all living beings is nothing but a lie. Instead, animal rights extremists like yourself, are largely motivated by hate for humankind.

Good luck with your project of restarting evolution on Earth!