Thursday, April 14, 2011

Support for animal research falling....

The [Foundation for Biomedical Research (an industry front group)], which has tracked public attitudes about animal research since its creation in 1981, found "a surprisingly concerning drop in public support" for animal research from the 1990s, when it was over 70 percent, to 54 percent in 2008, [said Frankie Trull, the foundation's president and founder.]
See: Animal Rights: Scientists' Billboards Ask Whether You'd Save a Child or a Lab Rat: Pro-Research Billboards Ask the Public to Choose. JANE E. ALLEN, ABC News Medical Unit. April 14, 2011.

It's worth noting that "scientists" aren't asking this.... it's a shill front group for the industry.


Anonymous said...

Right on Rick! But what about these other people?

We shouldn't care about them either?

Rick B said...

The satirical ad I mocked up was in response to the false choice offered up in the FBR PR campaign linked to in the post.

We don't have to choose one or the other. FBR implies that you MUST choose; but their motivation is suspect.

For a list of articles looking at the utility of animals as models of human disease and drug response, visit

Anonymous said...

Marolt disabled HIS comments section in One Share Planet.

He explains:

“Comments are turned off in this blog because almost every Web-based discussion that I have seen degrades quickly into straw men, dogma, and ad hominem attacks, and I don’t care to moderate that kind of discussion.”

This coming from someone that is demanding public dialogue?


Anonymous said...

Your conclusion of a false dichotomy is based on a lack of understanding of the science.

On the other hand, the billboard is correct in portraying what AR philosophy is all about -- a call for equal moral consideration of all living beings.

Anonymous said...

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