Sunday, March 4, 2007

Primate Experiments: The Painful Reality

In a shocking new dossier, Animal Aid reveals how monkeys are made to suffer and die inside British laboratories and the ‘reasons’ given for their deaths. All the experiments revealed in the dossier took place in Britain (apart from one which was conducted in the USA with a British scientist) in the past two years and were published in 2006. The experiments include monkeys being deliberately brain damaged and then frightened, in order to assess their responses, and a 16-year old macaque being dosed with a drug that induces tremors, rigidity and incapacity.
Much more, here.

It's worth keeping in mind that vivisectors and their supporters in the UK are quick to claim that the rules for conducting research in the UK are among the strictest anywhere. Keep in mind too, that the number of studies conducted in the UK amounts to a tiny sliver of the studies (less well regulated according to the Brits) conducted here.

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